About Me

Ayled Zazueta has work published all over California. She graduated from the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands in Journalism and Perspectives Across Cultures. Her passion for storytelling is dated back to the third grade when she first wrote a love story about a strawberry and a banana. 

From local culture to the internet, and all things media and humanity, Zazueta finds inspiration in the diversity of the human experience. 

She is a contributing writer for The MendoFever.

My Latest Work

Campus Diversity and Inclusion Puts on Week-Long MLK Celebration – The Redlands Bulldog

This year’s memorial and celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day began with the self-led peace walk that ran from Monday morning through Tuesday evening. The peace walk, hosted by the Black Student Union, began on the Redlands lawn where students scanned a QR code to individually listen to Professor Nicol Howard’s reflections of what it means to celebrate MLK Day.

Ayesha Morrishaw-Ashley ’23 said Dr. Howard’s narration was eye-opening because she admitted that her family did not encourage cel

Opinion | The Exploitation of Bilingualism In Our Workplaces by Zazueta ’23

My supervisor asked me that immediately into my interview for the pharmacy clerk position I applied for last summer. I enthusiastically and proudly told her I do. She also said something along the lines of “you speak very educated” and I was kind of offended but that is a whole other topic within itself.

Spanish is my first language, but learning pharmaceutical terminology in Spanish was a learning curve. I was the only Spanish speaker at the pharmacy. I had no idea I was going to be translatin

Social Media Post Brings Forth Complaints Against Title IX Office – The Redlands Bulldog

The Redlands Bulldog has previously published stories surrounding issues with the Office of Equity & Title IX at the University of Redlands which handles issues related to sexual misconduct.

Five years ago, former Editor-in-Chief Willow Higgins brought attention to how Patricia Caudle, the Title IX coordinator in April 2017, responded to a letter from a distraught Bulldog writer whose alleged attacker was found not responsible for their sexual assault, which can be read here. Later that year, E

In Your Shoes is a podcast series produced in collaboration with KDAWG Media. 

The premise of the series is getting to know unique individuals currently residing in the Inland Empire. Though guests are being interviewed, the general atmosphere is informal and open-minded. Host, Ayled Zazueta, wants to know more beyond about who a person is, she wants insight into their perspective and to step into their reality. Conversations with guests are fun, humorous, but also vulnerable and authentic.

You can listen at kdawgradio.com/in-your-shoes